Roaring Tide Cave 「潮騒洞窟」

The Roaring Tide Cave is a dungeon located in Breya Coast. The entrance to cave is located at the cliffs at the coordinates X 116, Y 327. The cave will be accessible at Breya Coast Area Rank 9. The entrance to the cave was originally sealed off a long time ago, apparently due to a certain event.


The Roaring Tide Cave is named thus due to the constant roaring sounds of water heard coming from deep within. The sounds actually come from a waterfall located in the furthest depths of the cave.


There is a sealed treasure chamber deep within the cave. In order to open up the chamber, the Newly Arisen has to defeat its guardian, a Lindwurm, which can be found in the deepest chamber with the waterfall. This will have to be done first in the Personal Quest, Breya Coast Trial: Seeking Treasure 「ブリア海岸 試練:財宝を追いかけて」.

Once the Lindwurm guarding the treasure has been defeated, the bars over the door will be removed and the treasure chamber can be accessed.


There are several messages in the cave and inside the treasure chamber that explains the legend of the Breya treasure and the fate of the Deserted Village of Ruflow.

A faded message outside the entrance to the treasure chamber reads:

'The key to the treasure is located near to the back of the waterfall.'

This will lead to a message carved in rock in the chamber where the Lindwurm resides, which reads:

'Oh, you ask what is the treasure of Breya said to exceed the worth of 1,000 sapphires? Those who sought the treasure merely end up rousing the wrath of a sea dragon, and lose their lives. A fable attached to this waterfall, it was a trap that led the pirates who ransacked Breya to their deaths.'

Checking the loot in the treasure chamber itself will give the following prompt:

'The treasure is made up of old gold ornaments and old precious tapestries, and they are not too heavy to carry.'


The faint message with the skeleton in the treasure chamber reads:

'To anyone who defeats the sea dragon and enters this chamber - please keep this chamber a secret. When rumours about the treasure spread, the number of pirates looking for it increase, and a vexed sea dragon may make its way to land again. 'Tis due to my own curiosity, my home village… the day Ruflow was attacked….'

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