Dowe Valley 「ダウ渓谷」



Dowe Valley is located in the central region of Lestania. It is a huge valley located in the middle of the Volden mountain range. The clear rushing waters of the river running through the valley and the evergreen forests make for a spectacular view for travellers.

In days of long ago this was a place of prosperity, and the ruins of ancient castles and watch towers of the White Knights still remain as proof of those better times. Nevertheless, many new enemies lurk within this new unknown territory.

The village of Jingen is where the Arisen and their pawns may rest and recover, as well as purchase any necessary supplies. Like all the other base camps, a Portcrystal is located near the village to ease travel.

Dowe Valley is one of the areas introduced in Season 1.0.


Area Master

The Area Master for Dowe Valley is Hayden, who is located in the village of Jingen.

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