Craft Room 「クラフトルーム」

The Craft Room is where the Arisen can craft or enhance equipment, mount Crests on weapons and armour, or change the colour of their equipment. Main Pawns and Support Pawns in contract with the Arisen will do the crafting in this room. There are three crafting sections; the smithy, where the pawns craft weapons and armour; the workbench, where the pawns craft delicate items such as jewellery; and finally the kitchens, where the pawns cook ingredients to produce various consumable items.

The vendor Gilliam sells some basic crafting materials here. A Bazaar representative is also present if the Arisen wishes to purchase or put up some materials on the Bazaar for sale. A storage chest is also located in the room.

Sonia is in charge of the crafting process; speak to her to begin crafting items.

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