Area Masters 「エリアマスター」


As the White Dragon's power over Lestania slowly wanes, more areas in the kingdom are threatened by demons and beasts. Area Masters are selected people in each region who gather and report information - growing threats, unexplained disturbances - to the White Wings Arisen Corps and the White Knights. Together they all work to increase the security of each area in Lestania.1

It is highly recommended for Arisen to check in with the local Area Master to obtain more information about the area, such as interesting locations, local beasts and creatures, as well as resource materials available for collection. Area Masters will also offer Arisen items as weekly rewards for completing quests in their local areas.

Area Master Services

Service (JP) Translation Description
ワールドクエスト情報 World Quest Information Information on the World Quests available in the region for the week. Has a list of World Quests, their locations, enemies and rewards.
スポット情報 Location Information Information on the accessible locations in the region. Has details on their coordinates, enemies, resource materials. New locations will be unlocked by increasing the local Area Rank.
名声度確認 Area Rank Information Information on the player's current Area Rank for the local region. Has a list of support items available for each Area Rank, and information on how many Area Points required to upgrade Area Rank.
支援品 Support Items Area Masters will give out Support Items rewards based on the amount of Area Points obtained in the previous week. Players can collect their rewards here. Area Points will be reset every Monday at 6.00 AM JST. Area Support items can be collected every Monday at 6.00 AM JST. The weekly rewards will differ according to the current local Area Rank attained.

Area Rank and Area Points

Completing Board Quests and World Quests in a region will give players Area Points (AP). Once players have obtained enough AP, they can increase their local Area Rank by speaking to the local Area Master. Increasing Area Ranks will unlock new locations and new quests, as well as new special enemies.

Area Trials

In order to obtain each region's Area Ranks 5, 10, 13 or 15, players are required to complete special quests. These Area Trials can be found in the Personal Quests section. Note that players can still earn AP before completing these Area Trials, but will not be able to improve their Area Rank until the respective Area Trial has been successfully completed.2

List of Area Masters

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